The History

1976 was a watershed year for the Vergnani family with the foundation of the company F.lli Vergnani.

F.lli Vergnani s.n.c. is a family-run business, based on the experience of the Vergnani brothers’ father Rinaldo in the sawmill and packaging sector. Ultimately the full family has been involved in the various areas of company management. When Rinaldo retired, the company was run by his four sons (Oriano, Emanuele, Daniele and Marco) who contributed to the business with a young entrepreneurial approach, helped by the wise and resourceful mother Bruna, a key reference figure invariably present at the production site.

The business started as a classical sawmill manufacturing products for fruit and vegetable packaging and continued unchanged for the first half of its lifetime. The market demand and the spirit of innovation encouraged the F.lli Vergnani company to specialise in the production of cable drums, about twenty years ago. This area of activity has now become a business priority.

“From plain timber we create a wooden object intended for a specific application. This is what has always interested me about this family business, processing something useless into something indispensable”
Marco Vergnani